Do you ever have those day where you are over it? You aren’t where you want to be and it looks like you may never get there? Maybe you are just starting out and your goal is miles and miles away. Maybe, your goal is just within reach, but something is… View Post

Do any of you have that friend that seems to be fearless? No matter what the adventure is, they are always down for the ride? Now what happens when you, the best friend who still loves adventure, but is maybe a little more fearful, gets talked into a road trip… View Post

Afternoon tea is an experience everyone should have while visiting London. As this was my first visit to the city, I combed through lists of some of the best places to have high tea and Fortnum & Mason was a location that most people said you must hit. The store opened… View Post

You know how when you go to a nice Italian restaurant and you order some thing simple like spaghetti and meat sauce and it just tastes SO much better than it does at home? Well, it’s not just the that makes the pasta, but the NOODLES too! The time I… View Post