Bucket List

Welcome to my bucket lists! Some of these goals are made for the year and others I plan to take a long time to reach. 

Life Bucket List

  1. Take and pass the Sommelier Level 1 Exam
  2. Visit every continent 
  3. Visit every state in the USA
  4. Run a half marathon
  5. Get married
  6. Have kids
  7. Build a wine cellar and start a red wine collection
  8. Visit every Disneyland Park in the world (WDW)

2018 Bucket List

  1. Visit a new state and/or country
  2. Read at least 5 new books
  3. Post at least 2 blog posts a month
  4. Make a budget and stick to it
  5. Become at least 50% fluent in a language on Duolingo
  6. Partake in at least 1 volunteer activity (Habitat for Humanity)
  7. Try out new hikes
  8. Explore 5 new places in LA
  9. Eat at 10 new restaurants in LA
  10. Get in shape, run a race, and eat healthy (and stick to it!)